05 March 2011

5 Python Libraries I'm Looking Forward To Working With

I've been combing Google Code looking for interesting and useful Python libraries to work with and have decided on five that I plan to use this month.
  1. Name:    gdata-python-client
    Descr:    Google Data APIs Python Client Library

    I've not done much work with automating my usage of Google's Data services yet and hope that I can be more productive by using this library. Specifically I want to start integrating some of their API stuff into a django administration interface that I have for a network of affiliate sites that I run.
  2. Name:    android-scripting
    Descr:    Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android

    Yesterday I went down to Fry's Electronics and was checking out an Android Tablet they had for $139.  I'm seriously thinking about getting one and developing some tools for mobile security auditors and for programmers/sysadmins.  Even though I'm a huge Apple fan I think that Android will win out over iOS in the long run.
  3. Name:    volatility
    Descr:    An advanced memory forensics framework

    Not sure quite what I'll be doing with this but it caught my eye.  Hacking around at a low level in memory always brightens my day.
  4. Name:    damnvid
    Descr:    DamnVid, a video downloader/converter that sucks less.

    This seems useful for one of the django sites that I'm working on that needs to be able to download from YouTube.
  5. Name:    python-twitter
    Descr:    A python wrapper around the Twitter API

    Everyone's using Twitter and I don't even have an account yet.  I hope to use this to find ways to integrate it into my daily sysadmin tasks and maybe even dream up some killer apps using the API.

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