30 March 2011

For Once an Open-Source Project Compiled on My Legacy Mac Without Issues

For the first time in history I have successfully compiled a FOSS application on my old G4 PPC Powerbook without incident. I had a lot of problems with both Darwin Ports and Fink and so decided to switch to compiling all of my software from source.

I've been doing a lot of development in Python and Ruby recently where I've done some serious extreme programming with lots of daily versions. I needed a SCM system and frankly I'm fed up with Subversion, so I decided to give GIT a shot.

I was assuming that I would have issues out the nose with getting it setup properly on my aging Tiger 10.4.11 install but things proceeded without a hitch. I installed the latest version of XCode that's available for PPC and then went with the usual compilation steps:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install
Once I have some of the code for my latest projects available I will check it into my public repository for your enjoyment!

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