23 June 2011

How to Make Finding Freelance Development Jobs Way Easier

I get a lot of my freelance work from the Computer Gigs section of Craigslist for my local town (Phoenix) and others in the US. It's become tedious to check the sites each day and filter through the myriad of jobs that are local-only or that don't fit my criteria. So I imported all of the RSS feeds for the Computer Gigs section of each US city into my Google Reader account and started filtering away. This has made things way easier and efficient.

If you're like me and don't wanna spend time unnecessarily on setting this up today's your lucky day. After I imported the feeds, renamed them all to something more meaningful and place them into a folder aptly named "Craigslist Computer Gigs" I exported the feed list to an OPML file which I'm making available to the world. Import the file into your Google Reader or other RSS feed reader and you can be cruising the CPG section of all US cities in no time.

Download the subscription list


  1. This worked like a charm. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  2. Google Reader's "Add a Subscription" button does not accept the URL you gave. I tried saving the file with the extension .rss and it didn't accept that either. The only thing I can get to work is to open the file in an editor and one-by-one copy the URLs ending with .rss and entering those into Google Reader's "Add a Subscription" field.

  3. You have to go to manage subscriptions and then to import/export. From there choose the OPML file and it should add the folder and feeds.