28 November 2011

The Perfect Solution for Programmers on the Go - Verizon Wireless Mifi LTE 4G Hotspot

I've been fast approaching burnout and had to do something right away to stave it off; freelance programming and consulting is my main source of income.  My solution has been to start working outside in parks.  Fresh air and lots of sunlight seems to help me beat the office blues and remain productive.

The key to me being able to work outside and on the go has been my mifi mobile LTE hotspotthat I bought at the Verizon store in the Metro Center mall here in Phoenix.  $50 is a small price to pay for the ultimate in mobility and speed.

I've been able to get speeds comparable to my 15mbps DSL service I have at home in most areas.  The battery life is pretty good (about 4.5 hours in actual use).  I also was able to get a $50 mail-in rebate that basically got me the device for free.  Monthly service for 5gb of data is only $50.

This would be a great addition to your toolbox if you're trying to live the 4HWW lifestyle or just want some extra freedom in where/when you can work on your code.  I would also buy this as a gift for any of my techie friends; they'd love having one I'm sure!

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